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Inspired on a kayaking trip in Austin in 2016, Diana Dussan decided she was going to invent a natural, plant-powered snack that would give back to the planet. Wanting to offer a diet-inclusive alternative to the soy- and gluten-based, processed options on the market, Diana created a whole food jerky made from jackfruit that could be enjoyed by people of all diets and lifestyles.


Motivated by the realities and urgency she was facing as a soon-to-be mom, and inspired to do more for the world, Diana decided it was time to bring Snack Jack to fruition. In December of 2017, she launched at farmers markets in Austin. Exactly one year after launching at their first farmers market, they were approached by Whole Foods Market and named one of the "most buzz-worthy foods for 2019" by Food Network. You can learn more about Diana's story here


DIANA Dussan

Owner & Founder

Our mission is to nourish people, be kind to animals, and heal the planet one snack at a time. ​This means providing people with a healthy, wholesome snack made from natural, plant-powered ingredients, aiding in the reduction of meat consumption and its harmful effects on the environment, reducing world hunger, creating a solution for the waste of jackfruit, and feeding hungry people.

our mission

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